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Registration for the Test

Date:2019-05-28   Source:

I. Registration and payment for the test

If online registration is not available at the selected test center, you can go to the test center to complete on-site registration and payment.

II. Requirements for test takers’ photo

Requirements for the photo are applicable mainly to HSK Levels 4-6, HSKK, BCT and YCT oral test, and the test score report for other levels does not carry a photo.

Preparation for the photo and its usage should meet the following requirements:

Format requirements for the photo:

Test takers’ recent photo for identification (in a standard, two-inch form), and photos of daily life or landscape will not be accepted;

- No hat, scarf, headband or sunglasses are allowed to appear (except for special religious reasons);

- Both black-and-white and color photos are acceptable, and a white background is preferred.

To submit the photo, test takers may either log into the Chinese testing service website and upload the electronic photo in line with guidance from the website.

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