The 4th Academic Committee Meeting of Flexible Electronic Materials Held in CSUST

2022-01-15 14:34:58 2022-01-15

On the afternoon of January 14, the 4th Academic Committee Meeting of the 1st Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Genetic Engineering of Flexible Electronic Materials was held in the second conference room of the International Academic Exchange Center on Yuntang Campus. The meeting, attended by experts and scholars from colleges and universities in Hunan Province as well as some leaders of CSUST, was chaired by Professor Du Yong from Central South University.

Vice president Liu Zhaohui briefly introduced the development of the university, warmly welcomed the leaders of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department of  and the experts from the academic committee, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all the experts for their long-term support.

Professor Zhang Weibing, deputy director of the laboratory, made a detailed report on the construction of the laboratory since the establishment of the project, especially the achievements in 2021.

Experts from the Academic Committee fully affirmed the achievements of the laboratory since its establishment, and agreed that the laboratory has achieved outstanding scientific research results, made great progress in team building, significantly improved basic conditions, and greatly improved its social service capabilities. It is also suggested that the laboratory should further make medium and long-term plan according to the national strategy and the economic development needs of Hunan Province, strengthen the connotation construction and the research characteristics, produce original and iconic scientific research results and increase the cultivation and training of talents.

Li Jie, deputy director of the Basic Research Division of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department, congratulated the key laboratory for successfully passing the acceptance, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the construction goals, development direction and daily management of the laboratory. He also hoped that the laboratory will further improve the management model, stimulate the subjective initiative of the research team and make greater contributions to the realization of high-quality development of the province.

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