Montenegrin President Vujanovic meeting with CSUST Party Secretary

2017-12-06 09:17:43 2017-12-06




Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic met with Mr. Fu Hongyuan, CSUST Party Secretary at the Presidential palace on December 4.

Mr. Cui Zhiwei, Chinese ambassador to Montenegro, made a brief introduction of CSUST and the delegate, and commented on the Chinese translated version of Montenegro at a Glance by Mr. Wu Dilong, Zhang Zhiwu & Mrs. Fu Zhen, staff of CSUST.

 President Filip Vujanovic extended warmest welcome to the delegate, and highly praised the effective cooperation among the universities between the two countries. He esteemed it a new era for opening up more future exchanges & cooperation. Since Chairman Xi Jinping proposed a Confucius Institute be established at Montenegro, Montenegrin delegate visited China and even struck up in-depth cooperation with Chinese universities, CSUST in particular. Therefore, more & more people were inspired by modern China and its development pattern, great interest of Chinese language study was aroused in the local area.

Mr. Fu Hongyuan pointed out that the Confucius Institute in Montenegro University was an instant hit among local people. Owing to the implementation of this efficient mutual exchange platform, 19 Chinese teaching spots were open to the local citizens with more than 500 registered learners. He further elaborated on the potential cooperation opportunities between us two universities, based on the various overlapping specialties, engineering & financing in particular, Mr. Wu Dilong, director of the International Office of CSUST, one of the translators of the Chinese version of Montenegro at a Glance, expressed his willingness of introducing more Montenegrin books with his co-workers on its politics, economy, culture & landscape to Chinese readers so that they can know more about the country.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Fu Hongyuan sent the book to President Filip Vujanovic as a small gift and token of cultural exchanges.


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