Delegate from The Moscow Automobile and Road Construction University Visiting CSUST

2018-02-02 11:03:53 2018-02-02





A delegation of 11 members from The Moscow Automobile and Road Construction University, headed by Mr. Rementsov Andrey, Acting President and Mr. Nitcevich Viktor, Vice President of MARCU visited CSUST on Feb.2nd morning. VP. Pro. Jiang Changbo of CSUST held a talk with the delegation, together with staff from the Office of Foreign Affairs, Office of Technology Transfer and College of Automative & Mechanic Engineering, College of Material& Science Engineering, School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering,etc.

After a brief mutual introduction, Pro.Jiang Changbo observed the common aspects in specialties, key disciplines, schooling characterastics. Therefore, he proposed a deeper cooperation between two universities in academic, staff and students exchanges in the specialties concerned. Mr. Viktor expressed his agreement on this proposal in the hope of seeking exchangesand cooperation in the fields of traffic and transportation, and automotive engineering ,etc.

Both sides went to details on the potential cooperation in scientific and technology exchanges, international seminar, cooperative school running, which turned out to a signed memorandum.


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