VP.Jiang Changbo Visiting UMS

2018-03-27 11:13:06 2018-03-27






In order to enhance ties and contact with the Belt & Road Countries, Pro.Jiang Changbo,Vice President of CSUST, paid a visit to University Malaysia Sabah upon invitation during Mar.13th to Mar.15th,accompanied by director of the Foreign Exchange Division to University Malaysia Sabah.

President. Mr.Datuk Dr. D Kamarudin D Mudin, together with VP. Mr. Rasid Mail extended warmest  welcome to the delegate. During the talk on Mar.13th, both sides came to a conclusion that a wide range of cooperative implements should be carried out, covering  academic, staff  and students exchanges. The talk proceeded to elaborate on the initiatives of co-establishing a new Confucius Institute at UMS, rendering a Letter of Intent on it.

In the three-day trip, The delegate met with Mr. Liang Caibo, Chinese ambassador to Kota Keener, to discuss ways to promote cooperation among universities.  As Scheduled, the delegate paid a visit to the local alumni from CCCC Dredging (Group)Company Limited.


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