Animation and Digital Media Seminar Held in CSUST

2020-10-12 16:31:02 2020-10-12





On September 26th, the second Animation and Digital Media Construction Seminar Under the Double First-class background co-sponsored by CSUST and the Association of Fundamental Computing Education in Chinese Universities kicked off in Changsha. This seminar focusing on animation and digital media development and talent cultivation attracted more than 260 participants from the Guiding Committee of Animation and Digital Media education of the Ministry of Education, the Association of Fundamental Computing Education in Chinese Universities, Higher Education Division of the Education Office of Hunan province, and more than 90 colleges and universities across the country.

At the seminar, Cao Yijia, the President of CSUST, introduced the characteristics of the school of Arts and Designs of CSUST. 8 experts and scholars from Communication University of China, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Jilin University of Arts, Central China University of Science and Technology and other universities gave a keynote speech. The seminar also held the third "National College Digital Creative Teaching Skills Competition" award ceremony. The competition consists of 12 groups, including film and television art, photography and video art, animation, product design and so on. 36 first prizes, 96 second prizes and 119 third prizes were awarded totally. The work “Three-dimensional Composition -- Form of Line Composition” from CSUST won the first prize of product design.

 In recent years, the Chinese government and institutions of higher learning attach great importance to the talent training of digital media industry. This seminar has a great significance for a better understanding of the cutting-edge technology of the industry and improving the quality of talent cultivation.


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