Six Professors of CSUST Listed among Elsevier's Most Cited Chinese Researchers

2021-04-26 16:12:03 2021-04-26

Elsevier officially released the 2020 list of the Most Cited Chinese Researchers on April 22.

Changsha University of Science and Technology, with six scholars on the list, ranks 104th among all the universities in China. The six scholars are: Prof. Cao Yijia of electrical engineering, Prof. Wang Jin of computer science and technology, Prof. Huang Lihong and Prof. Huang Chuangxia of mathematics, Prof. Xiao Fuliang of electronic science and technology, and Prof. Yang Ronghua of chemical engineering and technology.

A total of 4,023 scholars were listed as the 2020 Most Cited Chinese Researchers. Using Scopus, the world's authoritative citation and index database as the source of data of Chinese scholars, the Most Cited Chinese Researchers List was first published in 2015, selecting the most influential Chinese scholars in various disciplines through the method designed by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.

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