Five scholars from CSUST were selected into the 2022 China Highly Cited Scholars List

2023-04-12 10:58:25 2023-04-12

Recently, academic publishing group Elsevier officially released the 2022 “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” list. Five scholars from CSUST, including Professor Cao Yijia (Electrical Engineering), Professor Huang Chuangxia and Professor Huang Lihong (Mathematics), Professor Xiao Fuliang (Electronic Science and Technology), and Professor Wang Jin (Computer Science and Technology), were selected.

In 2022, Elsevier's “China Highly Cited Scholars” was listed by a total of 5,216 people from 504 universities, enterprises and research institutions, covering 84 first-level disciplines in 10 subject areas. The list uses Scopus, the citation and index database of Elsevier, as a statistical source, to deeply analyze and identify Chinese scholars at different stages of their scientific research careers from multiple dimensions, and systematically display their scientific research achievements. The list also shows the current distribution of cutting-edge talents in the field of scientific research, focuses on the echelon of high-precision talents in the field, and presents the composition of the advantageous disciplines of various scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises.

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